How to follow your Total Productive Maintenance ?

We developp a unique interface with Andon Light Database

Need to centralize machine usage ?

You are a manufacturer with multiple machines, and you do not use TPM data for performance improvements.
Your team is not using Andon Light Data for daily and weekly alerts and action plans.
Your shopfloor can be more efficient with a centralized TPM.

Your needs

Need to improve your industrial performance ?

Machine Usage
Your team need to follow machine usage.
Team Reactivity
Technician need to improve reactivity in the shoopfloor.

TPM Data is not used ?

TPM database
Simple tools exists to follow key TPM indicators.
Daily Automation
Team can have automatic daily indicator.

Indicator on machine usage ?

Your teams need more daily tools to follow TPM and machine usage.

Your goals


Improve your performance through diagnosis and define an optimal strategy. Reduce the complexity of your supply chain.


Your data is managed in security and confidentiality. You have the option of having your data made available in a private and secure cloud, or of carrying out the diagnosis directly on your data in-house.

Process monitoring

Gives you a clear and factual view of the different levers that influence your stock.


An innovative tool to visualise, identify and highlight your actions.

Action follow-up

Automate the review of your item master settings for optimal tracking.

Quick wins

Improve service levels by reducing variability in supplies and stocks. Review stocks and in particular safety stocks.

Our solution

Application on smart device

We are developing a unique interface to Werma’s Smart Monitor database.
An innovative data analysis tool that connects to the signal towers to use emergency and priority information on a daily basis.

Data analysis

  • Process optimisation through quick and clear visualisation of the current status.
  • Analysis and optimisation of production processes. andon lights and database

Our tool gives you the possibility to focus on your teams and have a better reactivity of technicians.
With our tool creates a communication template to transfer the message. It is lean to increase production and reduce downtime

Use andon lights from and database

Service level improvements

  • Productivity increase : machine usage optimization
  • Team focus : better reactivity of technical

Key indicator on TPM

  • Daily Automation of key indicator
  • Automation of your TPM daily follow-up.

Our products

Offer description

Andon Light Data TM is a data tool for light columns in the workshop. We integrate Werma’s tool into our solution to optimise the use of your machines. Save time and improve your productivity on the shop floor. Thanks to its reliability, our tool allows you, after detection of any malfunction to intervene quickly on the problem.

  • Signal lights allow a clear and intuitive display
  • Shorten reaction time and avoid paralysis to focus fully on your industrial performance
  • Daily monitoring indicators

. This tool participates in the quality control of the production line. Thus you will have a total visibility and transparency of the production process and increase your productivity. A reduction in costs follows.


An initial state of the art


An ideal diagnostic phase for companies looking to optimize 

Avanced program

This is the advanced phase of the solution for companies

Our References

We provide daily tools that will help production and supply chain teams. We are specialized in daily and weekly routines.
Our tools are packages for shopfloor teams and also technical and quality team.
We use ERP data to automate follow-up files.
First step is to establish a diagnostic on your industrial performance.
Then establish guidelines for daily and weekly routines optimization.
ERP Data is crunched to established first quick win actions.