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Andon Light Data TM is a data tool for light columns in the workshop. We integrate Werma’s tool into our solution to optimise the use of your machines. Save time and improve your productivity on the shop floor. Thanks to its reliability, our tool allows you, after detection of any malfunction to intervene quickly on the problem.

  • Signal lights allow a clear and intuitive display
  • Shorten reaction time and avoid paralysis to focus fully on your industrial performance
  • Daily monitoring indicators

. This tool participates in the quality control of the production line. Thus you will have a total visibility and transparency of the production process and increase your productivity. A reduction in costs follows.


An initial state of the art that is perfect for companies looking to optimize their sales forecasts.

  • Establishing the inventory summary.
  • Identification of the ABC class


An ideal diagnostic phase for companies looking to optimize forecasts, safety stocks, replenishment points.

  • Data analysis based on the economic qty model.
  • Classification based on financial criteria to prioritize updates.
  • Inventory optimization.

Avanced program

This is the advanced phase of the solution for companies looking to optimize a multi-local supply chain in a holistic way.

  • On-site training with the appro team on procurement models.
  • Remote testing support by Part Number.