Our solution

Application on smart device

We are developing a unique interface to Werma’s Smart Monitor database.
An innovative data analysis tool that connects to the signal towers to use emergency and priority information on a daily basis.

Data analysis

  • Process optimisation through quick and clear visualisation of the current status.
  • Analysis and optimisation of production processes.

Werma.com andon lights and database

Our tool gives you the possibility to focus on your teams and have a better reactivity of technicians.
With our tool creates a communication template to transfer the message. It is lean to increase production and reduce downtime

Use andon lights from Werma.com and database

What is an ANDON system ?

An industrial workshop light column, also known as an Andon light, is an essential visual or auditory device used in manufacturing environments to facilitate communication between operators and the production team. This light column is typically equipped with colored indicators that are easily visible on the workplace floor.


With three different colors, it provides information about the status of machines, parts, or the progress of production. By lighting up or flashing, it promptly notifies the work team about ongoing processes, potential malfunctions, or urgent needs, enabling a swift and coordinated response to maintain the quality and productivity of industrial operations.


The placement of the industrial workshop light column, or Andon light, is strategically done at key locations along the production line. Its location varies based on the specific requirements of each manufacturing process, but generally, it is installed in positions easily visible to operators and members of the production team.

What are the advantages of ANDON?

ANDON offers several significant advantages in industrial environments, here are some of the main benefits:
  1. Improved responsiveness: By instantly signaling problems and anomalies, ANDON enables operators and the production team to react promptly to critical situations, thereby minimizing downtime and disruptions in the manufacturing process.

  2. Effective communication: ANDON facilitates clear and direct communication among team members by providing understandable visual information about the current production status, assistance needs, and specific requests.

  3. Quality improvement: With rapid problem detection, ANDON helps identify production defects as they occur, allowing for immediate corrective actions and reducing waste and defective products.

  4. Informed decision-making: Providing real-time data on production performance, ANDON aids managers in making informed decisions to optimize processes and maximize workshop efficiency.

  5. Employee involvement: ANDON empowers operators to actively report issues and improvement suggestions, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and enhancing employee engagement.

  6. Performance tracking: By recording incidents and downtime, ANDON provides valuable data for trend analysis and identifying potential areas for improvement.

In summary, ANDON contributes to enhancing overall production efficiency, reducing downtime, improving product quality, and creating a collaborative and responsive work environment.

Our References

We provide daily tools that will help production and supply chain teams. We are specialized in daily and weekly routines.
Our tools are packages for shopfloor teams and also technical and quality team.
We use ERP data to automate follow-up files.
First step is to establish a diagnostic on your industrial performance.
Then establish guidelines for daily and weekly routines optimization.

ERP Data is crunched to established first quick win actions..